Rental (bookings)


This example is about trailer rental. The page below is what customers might see, after making a few choices. Choices already made are always shown in a drop-down menu, and the choice to be made is always completely shown (in this case the time choice). There is only one "Small" trailer available, so the trailer choice is automatically skipped. Because customers pay in advance, this company has rarely any no-shows.

You can visit the fake advertisement on the upper right to see for yourself.

   rental scheduling: bookings

Act now

Sokati bestaat 10 jaar! Jaarlijks meéér dan 10.000 afspraken!


Here you can directly book a trailer online.

Do you have a demo version?

Yes, you can look at the fake advertisement at the top right to see what customers might see. You can always open an account to see how an account looks like, or only take a look at the screenshots in the "Examples" top menu to see an account which is already filled in with some data.