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Here are some of the frequently asked questions:


Do you have a demo version?
Yes, you can look at the fake advertisement at the top right to see what customers might see. You can always open an account to see how an account looks like, or only take a look at the screenshots in the "Examples" top menu to see an account which is already filled in with some data.

You can watch this instruction video, which gives a good general overview and specificly shows a lot of options of this online scheduling software. You should be able to set up your own account quite easily after watching this video.

How do online payments work?
First of all, you choose a payment service. This payment service takes care of the online payments and has an online account, similar to a regular bank account. At any time you can transfer money from this online account to your own bank.

Currently you can choose between Multisafepay and Paypal, but if you prefer another payment service like docdata, we take care of the integration without any additional costs.

Online scheduling software
Is it possible not to use online payments or only cash payments?
Yes, that is perfectly fine. Payments are only optional. However, you can save cash amounts in the scheduling overview (below the dollar sign) for your own administration.
I am looking for something like your scheduling software but with slightly different options and specifications.
We can surely adjust our scheduling software for you, for example by asking additional information when new customers subscribe (like the insurance company, or birthday). The "Comments"-field which is always asked, can be replaced by any question you would like to be asked during the process, for example by "Including breakfast?" or "Voucher code", and with any characteristic you require (like: a minimum of 10 characters, yes/no, etc.). There are even more things that we can do to extend our software for you; we are always pleased with good tips from users.
How does your scheduling software handle timezones?
It is very important that you set the timezone correctly in the settings. A lot of scheduling decisions are based on this timezone, including whether there are still any available time-slots today, whether reminders should be send, etc. In short, if you do not set the timezone correctly, you can possibly miss out on appointments, bookings or reservations.
Can I schedule items outside the availability hours?
Yes, that is always possible. If you schedule a new item through the backoffice, our scheduling software warns if this is outside your own availability hours, or if the item overlaps with another one, or if any category restrictions apply. After one or more warnings have appeared, you can simply choose to ignore them.
What about privacy if a customer is already known in our scheduling system through another company or association?
Of course you can not see the address until this customer also becomes your customer, for example by creating an appointment or booking or subscription for your services. In the rare case that you add customers yourself manually, and this customer is already known in our scheduling system, then you are not permitted to add this customer, due to our privacy statement in our general conditions. To solve this, you should simply ask the customer to schedule the requested service online.
Which e-mails does your scheduling software send?
This depends on your settings. Our scheduling software sends a reminder to your customers after a specific chosen number of days. You can also receive an e-mail when someone schedules or cancels an item. You always receive an e-mail if a new unconfirmed appointment or booking or reservation is scheduled. Finally, every month you receive an overview of all items of the previous month.
Can I show a link on my website for each service that I offer?
Yes, you can put links on your website for any service or timetable (for example a link for "doctor Johnson" and for "doctor Stanton" instead of one single link for your whole company). You can find all possible preselections at the "Links" page when you have logged in. Our scheduling software will automatically adjust all successive questions to the availability of your preselection.
Does your scheduling software have any reporting tools?
Our scheduling software provides an Excel download for all schedules and for all users. Our scheduling software also sends you a monthly Excel file with all schedules of the previous month. Please let us know if you need another reporting facility.
Can your scheduling software also create entry tickets?
Yes, that is possible. Every appointment, booking or reservation has a unique code. You can directly search for this code, and the customers also see this code in their overview. Customers can already identify themselves with this code and their name. Based on this unique code, our scheduling software can also send an entry ticket with a barcode and your logo on them. Please contact us for the possibilities.
Can I split my restaurant table in two schedulable pieces?
Yes that is possible, but right now only in two pieces (or more with restrictions) as is shown here. Our scheduling software is not designed to support several more exceptional cases by default, because Sokati must be simple in usage. However, we are able to allow this for you if need it, so please contact us directly for inquiries.

Can I schedule multiple services at once (like festical tickets for multiple days)?
You can always reserve or book multiple tickets at once, but you can only indirectly book or reserve for several items at once. Our scheduling software is not designed to support several more exceptional cases by default, because Sokati must be simple in usage. And it is quite unusual that you need this. For example when you organise a festival and sell tickets for seperate days and combination tickets for all days, you usually have a predefined the number of combination tickets. In this case, you can simply create a combination-ticket service inside our scheduling software . If you think you need anything extra, please contact us to make an exception for you.

How long in advance can users schedule an appointment, booking or subscription?
The default period is set on three months. Please contact us if you want to set this to a different period.
Can new customers subscribe to services with a specific requirement?
If you want to limit a service for specific customers (for example a certain level or degree), you should make sure these users are known in Sokati first. A new Sokati user has the category "New Customer" by default, so a new customer can never subscribe directly for the correct competition. There are two solutions. First of all, you can always add participants to our scheduling software manually in advance, and set their category. Secondly, you can make a "subscribe"-service available at the same date of your games, and let new customers subscribe to that service first. Simply set the correct category for every user when you receive a notification from our scheduling software, and then invite them to subscribe to the category.
How can I make sure your scheduling software is available in my preferred language?
Please ask us whether your language is already scheduled to translate. If not, then you can obtain our scheduling software three years for free if you translate this website. This should not take very long. Contact us for details.

Can your scheduling software be integrated with our internal software?
Yes, you can contact us for integration or exchange solutions, for example regarding user data or schedule dates.
Can your scheduling software be integrated with my financial software?
At this moment we provide an Excel export, and all payment services also provide reports. If you need any other integration, please contact us to facilitate you.
Can your scheduling software be integrated with hostelworld or hostelbookers?
We would really like to integrate our scheduling software to hostelworld or hostelbookers, but unfortunately this is not possible right now, because neither of the two services provide any integration utilities. If you really need this integration, please contact us to keep you informed, because this might actually change in the near future.
Can your scheduling software be used with javascript turned off?
Yes, the scheduling part of our scheduling software can be used with javascript turned off and can therefore be used with very old browsers or browsers with an adjusted graphical interface. You need to have javascript enabled to use your Sokati account.
Can I use your scheduling software when my internet connection drops?
Yes, you can use our scheduling software in several ways if your internet connection should drop. You can simply keep the Sokati website visible in your browser - which is very likely already showed anyway. Furthermore, you can always download a compressed file with all schedules at the overview page. You can also choose to view your schedules graphically with external software which automatically downloads the latest schedules. Here is a screenshot from the program Sunbird, showing the nights hotel availability. Good software to show your schedules are:

   Online scheduling software

Our online planning system is for example in use as