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Here are some questions frequently asked by other users of our online scheduling software:

How do I set up your scheduling software?
First of all, you define your timetables and schedules. After that you can make combinations between timetables and schedules available in time, for each week or for specific dates.

  • Timetable: who or what object? A schedule belonging to a person is often just the name: (therapist) John, (hairdresser) Jane, (driver instructor) Smith. If the schedule is about an object (with a non overlapping schedule), all the objects should be listed: hotel room 14, motorised rental boot, restaurant table 4, the big concert hall, meeting room downstairs, and so on.
  • Service: what do you provide? Examples are: a short massage, a night in a hotelbed, a day sailing, a dinner, a specific concert or theater, a performance, a driving lesson, cut hair with or without washing, etc.

A service itsself has certain properties, like the duration, the price, and optionally some time in between (for cleaning or as a break), the payment service, on which minutes in the hour the service may start, etc. You can find a lot of examples here at the information overview page.

If you have any problems with or questions about setting up your account, do not hesistate to contact us to help you set up your account (for free, of course).
You can watch this instruction video, which gives a good general overview and specificly shows a lot of options of this online scheduling software. You should be able to set up your own account quite easily after watching this video.

How do I put your schedule system on my own website?
To put our scheduling software on your website, you should put the following text on a seperate page. Also replace "URL" with the URL from menu "Front End" in your account; this looks for example like "main=obbx&id_company=4923". If you do so, your customers will not notice that you are using our system for your scheduling; even links in e-mails will look like these come from your website. Please contact us if you have any questions or special needs.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""> </script>
<div> <script type="text/javascript"> sokatiShow(" URL "); </script> </div>

If you have any problems with or questions about setting up your account, do not hesistate to contact us to help you set up your account (for free, of course).

How do I remove your logo and use my own layout?
You can remove the Sokati logo and layout by setting a .css layout file in your account in menu "Account", for example by entering . When you apply a .css file, the Sokati website and layout will immediately disappear, and our software becomes a web component. To use your own layout, upload a .css file to your own server and fill in the full URL in your account (to test, fill in the URL above). Or ask us (free or charge) to adjust the layout to your site: you can request it (after buying an account) by creating a page first (see the previous question) and mail us the location of this page.

If you add your .css file, your domain name wil be used in your reply address, which means that your customers really never see the word "Sokati". Ask your domain name provider to add "ip4:" to your SPF record, to ensure that we can send e-mails on your behalf. After you have done that, e-mail us about it and all e-mails will now be send from noreply@*yourdomain*.

How do I pay for your scheduling system?
You can pay online in menu "Payments". Payments are processed 100% automaticly, so you do not need to e-mail us in advance.
I am looking for something like your scheduling software but with slightly different options and specifications.
We can surely adjust our scheduling software for you, for example by asking additional information when new customers subscribe (like the insurance company, or birthday). The "Comments"-field which is always asked, can be replaced by any question you would like to be asked during the process, for example by "Including breakfast?" or "Voucher code", and with any characteristic you require (like: a minimum of 10 characters, yes/no, etc.). There are even more things that we can do to extend our software for you; we are always pleased with good tips from users.
Are there any warnings when I schedule something impossible?
Yes, there are several warnings, which you can ignore as well. There are warnings for when there is already another entry at the given date and time, if the maximum number of customers is about to be exceeded, if you are about to schedule inside a scheduled vacation, or if the timetable-service combination is not available anywhere and therefore probably incorrect. Note that if you make an entry yourself in the overview page, it is impossible to make a pending entry, because you are creating the entry yourself.
Do unconfirmed appointments block other appointments on that time?
That is up to you. By default unconfirmed appointments do block the specific timeslot.

How do I set up online payments?
First of all you should pick a payment service, see here. You can set up an online payment service for each service. What you exactly have to do, depends on which one you have chosen.

  • Mollie: Maak een account en doorloop de hele procedure. Ga nu in Sokati naar menu "Diensten" en maak of wijzig een dienst. Voer nu bij de betalingsinstellingen in : "Mollie,live_......." waarbij u live_.... vervangt door de API-key die helder in beeld komt als u bij mollie inlogt.
  • Multisafepay: Log on to the our scheduling software and Multisafepay websites. Go on Multisafepay to "Sites" and fill in: at "Base URL" enter "" and at "Notification URL" enter the value that you can find at your Sokati account at the adding/changing a service page. Set the checkbox for "Second change" off, and the other values as you like. After creating the entry, you can see this addition under the "Sites" menu, listed with an "ID" and a "Code". Go to the our website, go the the "Services" page, pick a service, and change the payment-entry to: "Multisafepay," , your multisafepay account number (at the Multisafepay website listed in the darkgray area on top next to the date), comma, the "ID" value, comma, the "Code" value. For example: "Multisafepay,10071429,5823,860234".
  • Paypal: At the "Services" page, pick a service, and enter in the payment-entry: the name "Paypal", comma, your e-mail, For example: "Paypal,".

Online scheduling software
How can I easily process real-life reservations or by phone?
1. After logging in, select the upper menu-page. Here you see the upper bar for filtering which calendar items you want to see, and in the middle a list of current appointments or bookings. In the lower bar you can fill in your new appointments or bookings. Choose customer "Offline" to make a booking if a customer is not yet registered.

2. On the same page you can find a "plus"-sign at the top of the page. Use this one to create appointments or bookings with existing customers or with a new customer (which you can make on the fly), by choosing the same choices as your customer would. Note that it is impossible to create an appointment or booking that is not available.

3. On the same page you can also use the upper bar to create a new appointment or booking. Fill in the schedule and the timetable and the preferred date. If the combination of these three has any availability, then you will see a list of gray options below. Our scheduling software shows you the free spots in your calendar. If you click on any of the green signs after a gray item, our scheduling software copies the information into the lower bar.

4. You can make appointments by the graphical calendar, but only in a primitive way. Choose the graphic calendar (second menu option) and click (and drag) somewhere on an empty spot. Our scheduling software now shows the choice between making a new appointment or booking, or to create an item for the availability.
How do I place a "Your Online Appointments" page on my website?
You can create a page on your website specificly for when a customer lost all his or her e-mail and wants to search for all online appointments. This can be very useful when you have to maintain a lot of customers and you want to minimise spending time on managing all appointments.
The steps to create such a page are exactly the same as for how to place our scheduling system on your website. Only now you have to replace the URL in the two lines of HTML with another string, which you can also find on the "Front End" page in your account, for example:
If you use this together with the two lines of HTML, the Sokati website will automaticly disappear around the question itsself.
How do I set up the text messaging (texting, SMS) service?
Setting up your schedule system for text messaging is very easy. Go to and choose "Try Now". Log in at, choose menu "Messaging Gateway" and copy the HTTPS API "product token" . Log in at our scheduling software, choose menu "Account" and choose "Edit" to place the text messaging code.
Can I schedule a service only for my personel and not for my customers?
Yes, you can. The most obvious way is not to make any availability entries for this service. The second way is to set the category for this service to a not used number.
How do I make a service with multiple durations?
If you have a service with multiple durations, it is the easiest to create one service and to use the "copy"-icon to create the rest. If you want to show a duration-choice in the scheduling pages for customers, simply keep the description the same.
Is the "unschedulable time" (=cleaning time after an appointment or reservation) inside or outside availability hours?
Inside, because the unschedulable time after an appointment or reservation is considered as work time. If you do not want the last unschedulable time inside a dayshift, just make the availability hours slightly longer.
What happens to old items?
Old scheduled items are put in the old items overview, and are mailed to you at the end of the month. If old scheduled items are important for you, we can save them for you. Unfinished payments are thrown away within five minuts of creation. Old items from the "Other availability" are also thrown away automatically. Customer information is thrown away after not making a new appointment within 7 months (we can change this if you want).
How do I setup lunch time?
Simply make two seperate availability hours on one day.
Can scheduled items overlap?
In principle, this is not allowed except when this is done by yourself in the overview by ignoring the warnings. By default, scheduled services may not overlap, except when they have exact the same start and end times and when there is a multiple number of users allowed. So if a timeslot is being taken by a certain service, the same and any other service may overlap as long as these are available and the start and end times are the same.
Why are certain changes not automatically adjusted to existing scheduled items?
If you change the name of a timetable, or the description or cancel period of a service, this will not be automatically visible in overviews for you and your customers. This is a little bit of customer protection: you cannot make a change in the choice of the customer without notifying the customer as well. By selecting the "edit" icon next to an existing entry in the overview, you are about to send the customer an e-mail. After sending this e-mail, all information from the timetable and service are updated, and you have informed the customer about the changes as well.

Our online planning system is for example in use as