Hospitality and tourism: hotel and hostel (bookings)


Our online scheduling software is good at processing of bookings for several types of companies including hotels and hostels. Thanks to comprehensive settings, you can set up our scheduling software exactly like you want. Several specific settings were build especially for making services available which may last more than one day.

For example, you can specify a daily check-out time which enforces that the booking period always ends at a particular time of the last day. Furthermore, online payments in advance are also very useful to prevent no-shows. The next pages contain some examples.

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Can I schedule items outside the availability hours?

Yes, that is always possible. If you schedule a new item through the backoffice, our scheduling software warns if this is outside your own availability hours, or if the item overlaps with another one, or if any category restrictions apply. After one or more warnings have appeared, you can simply choose to ignore them.